GOAL-SETTING: working strategically

by Jana Beals, September 19, 2020


Bob owns a small candle company, and his customers love the candles for their beauty and fragrance. Though Bob’s client base is small, he has great ideas for growing the business: by making his processes more streamlined, and hiring an assistant.

After working on this idea of streamlining his processes and having hired an assistant, he just wasn’t seeing the level of reward he thought he would.

He couldn’t seem to reach any of the goals he had set, and to make matters worse, he was forced to take on an outside job just to pay his company’s bills.

He knew there had to be a better way, but he didn’t know which way to turn.

Luckily for Bob there is a better way: by setting SMART goals!

Knowing how to use this formula for reaching goals is key to Bob’s success!

First, goals must be SPECIFIC, and clearly defined:

è I want to sell more pillar candles.

Second, the goal must be MEASURABLE:

è I want to sell 200 more pillar candles every month as measured by sales reports.

Third, the goal must be ATTAINABLE:

è There is a holiday or special day in each month, and I will pair a specific candle to that holiday.
è To create more exposure I will post on social media three times a day.

Fourth, the goal must be RELEVANT:

è Increasing candle sales is always relevant to continued business in a candle company, and the reason for working so hard on this is to create sustainable income to support the owner and assistant.

And fifth, the goal must have a specific TIME FRAME:

è It will take time for the campaign of candle-pairing to catch on, but it is a good idea to realistically expect an increase within the next six months, then review to make goal adjustments. 


Once a business owner has used the SMART goal-setting system it

becomes a valuable tool for setting even more goals. 

It is important to know what you want, when you want it, and how you will achieve it.


     è What are your goals?

è Would you work with someone to create a SMART plan?