FIVE ACTIONS in Effective Leadership

by Jana Beals, October 3, 2020


Last week’s blog discussed traits of a good leader, which included communication skills, decision-making, and honesty along with another five traits.

This week, let’s explore five actions that make leaders effective.


Without a doubt, there are thousands of companies that are still feeling the negative impact from COVID-19. Some companies have responded positively to  their customers and to the public by way of support.


When the pandemic has subsided or been eradicated, companies with good leadership will have customers who remember what that company did for them during the hard times.

That company’s leadership created immense customer loyalty, so let’s take a look at how they did it. Using a problem-solving model, the steps they took are:

1.     ACKNOWLEDGE THE CHALLENGE: companies have acknowledged the challenge, and the impact it’s having on everyone. Good leaders —


è Communicate. Leaders communicate inspiration, motivation, direction, and reassurance. We understand that this is a difficult time for many families.


2.   WORK TOGETHER: companies reinforce that everyone is in the pandemic together, and by working together everyone will make it through. Good leaders have —


è Passion. Leaders have great love for their work and motivate others by their passion. Everyone is experiencing similar concerns, so let’s work together to get through this.


3.   PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS the company announces how they can, and are willing, to help customers. Good leaders —


è Walk the talk. Actions aligning with words inspire confidence in leaders. To do our part, we will not terminate any services nor charge late fees until the pandemic is contained.


4.   EVALUATE: companies evaluate whether the solutions are still practical and effective, and perhaps they seek alternative solutions as a backup measure. Good leaders have —


è Vision. A leader’s vision sets a target which lights a direction for the team to aim. After six months, our company is pleased to announce that we will continue with our emergency non-termination and late fee policy.


5.    ADAPT: If what the company is doing remains feasible and effective, it keeps doing that. If not, the company may implement alternative solutions. Good leaders have —


è Courage. When times get difficult, leaders stand courageously, inspiring others to follow their lead. Leadership, and management have announced they will take a reduction in wages to ensure that all customers have the services needed during this pandemic.


Bravo to the courageous leaders who acknowledge the problem,
work together to find practical solutions, who evaluate and
adapt when necessary!