A Solid Foundation for Business

by Jana Beals, October 10, 2020


At some point everyone falls into the “IF” trap — IF there were more time, IF there were more money, IF this would happen...on and on.

All of the IFs are not going to solve the quest for success unless there’s a solid foundation to build upon.

Just think, a lighthouse could not successfully warn sailors if it were built on a less than solid foundation — the unforgiving seas would wash it away in the blink of an eye.

To make it more personal, let’s explore three concepts that help explain the process of building a solid business foundation for you.

No materials or tools required for this…just your presence!

Plan to succeed, but embrace failure

It’s natural to plan for success but not for failure. Failures happen though, and that’s ok.  BUT don’t dwell in the setbacks; instead, remember that embracing failures is how we know to make course corrections, and why we try again.

Strive for excellence, not perfection

We are humans, and we must accept that we are not perfect. Repeat after me, “I am not perfect” and then feel free to know that excellence is great as a goal, but excellence doesn’t equate to perfect! Try to do your best every day, and don’t stress at the imperfections.

Learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future

We must learn from our past. We must recognize our strengths, weaknesses, what has succeeded, and what didn’t go so well. Then we must apply this information to our present actions, and future plans. Continuous improvement is our call to action when building a strong foundation.

What are you doing each day that builds towards your success? Are you striving for a better day than yesterday, an excellent but not perfect day, looking towards a great day tomorrow?

Attitude, willingness to continually improve, and satisfaction in a job well done all go a long way toward your success. 

(P.S. There is a lesson in this very blog post! Sometimes the font and line spacing does something on its own and guess what? I keep a good attitude, I'm willing to learn how to fix that for future posts, and I'm satisfied with the message of the post. ✅ )