TRENDING: Virtual Assistants

by Jana Beals, Sept. 5, 2020


Kim faced certain unemployment when the company’s leadership where she had worked for nine years announced massive job eliminations during the upcoming three months.

Rather than panic, Kim considered the idea of forming a home-based business, and discussed her idea with trusted friends.

Kim made the decision to prepare for her new adventure as a Virtual Assistant so she would be ready when her company began lay-offs.  


But wait! What is a Virtual Assistant anyway?! What do they do?


Virtual Assistants are real lifesavers when small businesses or solopreneurs cannot afford to hire employees.


Services vary but generally Virtual Assistants provide administrative task support such as:

  • ·       customer service
  • ·       billing
  • ·       correspondence
  • ·       email and calendar management


Some Virtual Assistants have a special niche that they prefer to offer such as:

  • ·       managing social media and Pinterest accounts
  • ·       perform graphic design
  • ·       design websites


Virtual Assistants typically work from a home office, which helps keep overhead to a minimum, and they are able to align schedules with clients based on the workload.


Virtual Assistants pay for their own benefits, taxes, usual and customary office supplies/equipment, and they have their own business structure, licensing, and insurance.


Many Virtual Assistants rely on business coaches or management companies to help with their business needs so that they can focus on business development.


Being a Virtual Assistant is a rewarding opportunity for many as they meet interesting clients, work on a mixture of short- or long-term projects, and guide business owners to the next level of performance.


è Have you ever used a Virtual Assistant, and if so, what was your experience?


è Do you believe Virtual Assistants are a short-term trend?


è Do you think Kim made a good decision?