You’ve Improved – Now What?

Written by Jana Beals, November 2020 


You have spent serious time on self-improvement, you’re pumped at the way you’ve improved communication skills, you wake up early to read and exercise, and you even put $5 in the vacation jar every day instead of buying that latte. Good job! Not everyone has come as far as you, and you should feel really good about yourself!

Now – what are you going to do next?!

You want to keep your momentum alive and growing, but in what way? Well, if you work for yourself you may want to channel your “new and improved” energy into developing new clients or new products to add to your lineup.

You may want to improve your work environment to reflect the new you! Organize differently to capture priorities. Go ahead and weed through your office d├ęcor and donate what doesn’t align with the new you.

If you are a company’s employee, what does the new you want to do? Think about where you are right now, and where you’d like to be in one year, two years, five years. If it is with that company, you need a plan to reach your goal.

Write out your goals with a timeline. For example: In the next year I want to _____________. In two years I want to ___________, and in five years I want to __________.  

Then make an appointment with your supervisor to discuss your goals, and find out the next steps to take. You’ve got this!

When you work on self-improvement, and succeed in growing from it, you will have gained a measure of confidence that will show in your performance at work, and in your relationships with friends and family.

Have you heard the term “continuous improvement”? When you think about it, that is how we should all approach every aspect of our personal and professional lives. We should all continually to improve our selves, our relationships, our knowledge, our ability to balance work and life, and so on.

If we do not actively pursue improvement, then we passively accept stagnancy and life will pass us by while we sit and complain about it.

I’m positive that I would rather improve my situation, how about you? Take all of the newfound energy from your self-improvement and carpe this diem!