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Meet My Friend, Strategic Planning Written by Jana Beals, December 2020     Let’s talk about strategic planning, and put it into a less intimidating  context for everyone. We are going to take a brief look at steps in a  business strategy process, and then insert actions you already take.  You’ll see how you are already strategically planning, and probably  doing a bang-up job of it! Ok, ready? There are essentially 5 steps in preparing a business strategy for execution:       1.      Defining the mission/vision/values 2.    Forming business hypothesis and strategy 3.    Mapped out strategy descriptions 4.    Strategy alignment 5 .    Strategy execution  But   what does that mean? 1.      What is your mission, what do you see coming from your mission, and what do you value? Top-notch service at an affordable price. 2.    Research; gather information, and map out the cause(s) and effect(s). If this, then that. 3.