Meet My Friend, Strategic Planning

Written by Jana Beals, December 2020 

 Let’s talk about strategic planning, and put it into a less intimidating 

context for everyone. We are going to take a brief look at steps in a 

business strategy process, and then insert actions you already take. 

You’ll see how you are already strategically planning, and probably 

doing a bang-up job of it!

Ok, ready?

There are essentially 5 steps in preparing a business strategy for execution:

      1.     Defining the mission/vision/values

2.   Forming business hypothesis and strategy

3.   Mapped out strategy descriptions

4.   Strategy alignment

5 Strategy execution 

But what does that mean?

1.     What is your mission, what do you see coming from your mission, and what do you value? Top-notch service at an affordable price.

2.   Research; gather information, and map out the cause(s) and effect(s). If this, then that.

3.   Put the research information into categories such as who (customers), what (service/product), and financial (what is the gain).

4.  Create a hierarchy of who is going to carry out the mission, i.e. Top Managers, Supervisors, Mechanics.

5.   Start the process rolling! Adjust as needed! Carry on!

Did you know you already do this?

Every time you go grocery shopping, buy or sell a car, or even have a garage sale, you are using these steps!

In the case of having a garage sale: you know your mission is to clear out the clutter but don’t want to sell broken items because that’s not right.

You then research the best days and times to hold a garage sale, and where to advertise that will reach the largest audience.

That done, you consider your customer base, what you’re offering for sale, and then set prices accordingly. 

Next, you recruit your family to help out! Who’s in charge of the money box, who’s going to display items, who’s making the lunch run.

And then the day of your garage sale, the fun you have planned begins. The garage sale runs like clockwork because of your strategic planning! Bravo!

Today’s message is to consider the many ways you already strategically plan, and apply that process to your business. You’ve got this!